The Luxury of Professional Graphic Design and Printing
It’s no secret. Thacker Graphics offers graphic design and printing with eye appeal— functional products that capture the viewer’s attention, inform, and are remembered. And that’s whether your project requires a simple typographic layout or a sophisticated combination of text, drawings, and photographs.

The luxury of professional graphic design and printing serves you with technical skill, fine workmanship, and results that put BUY in the customer’s eye.

When is luxury a bargain?— Every time someone says Let’s do business...

Ready? Start Now!
Whether your project is business essentials or a personal social announcement, it all starts with the artwork. Clients may provide artwork in any phase or provide just a concept and work along with Thacker Graphics to develop that idea into a workable plan. Expert consultation on all projects works toward the goal of reducing production time and costs. When the final design is reviewed and approved by the client, the project is scheduled for production.

What is the minimum quantity for a print order?
When deciding how many items to order, for many people, the leading question is, “What’s your minimum quantity?” The minimum quantity for any order is one.

Press On! The Manufacturing Process
Thacker Graphics specializes in small format, short-run spot color printing that utilizes the Pantone Matching System (PMS) for ink color mixing. This international standard color-match system is the guide used for on-site blending of over one thousand pure colors including metallic finishes. Products are also available in CMYK 4-color process digital printing and conventional offset lithography.

“...worth a thousand words.”
Hype, scientific treatises, even straightforward talk will rarely alone close an important deal. If you want to convey that you’re a serious contender, if you want to establish credibility, if you want to “show” what you stand for, then start now by investing in professional graphic design and printing from Thacker Graphics.

Dependable results every time— guaranteed!



Thacker Graphics produces custom assignment work for individuals, government, academic, cultural arts, and business organizations worldwide.

• Invitations
• Announcements
• Programs
• Postcards
• Note Cards
• Greeting Cards
• Tickets
• Flyers
• Posters
• Business Cards
• Letterhead
• Envelopes
• Brochures
• Newsletters
• Booklets
• Carbonless Forms
• Engraved Stationery
• Self Adhesive Labels







Thacker Graphics offers graphic design and print coordination strategies that utilize a vast range of talented people and progressive technologies.

• Creative Concept
• Typesetting
• Layout
• Digital Prepress
• Letterpress Printing
• Digital Printing
• Calligraphy
• Numbering
• Die Cutting
• Foil Stamping
• Embossing
• Bindery and Finishing

Beyond spot color printing which utilizes the Pantone Matching System for ink color mixing, Thacker Graphics also coordinates process color digital and offset printing.



Mailing Service
We're living in rapidly changing times, aren't we? Are you equipped with the best resource to deliver your timely printed message? Thacker Graphics can coordinate the mailing of your custom designed and printed message–and best of all, you never have to leave your office.

Just provide an address list in Excel by E-mail; and your project will receive full service addressing, including full pre-sorting for the lowest postage rates (FYI: projects may be mailed with a pre-printed bulk rate permit or affixed stamps. Either way, no need for you to contact the post office.)

After your project is delivered to the post office, you will receive in return an updated address list.

Additionally, if you have a specific type of person that you would like to reach, targeted mailing lists are available. Call or E-mail for current pricing.

So in these rapidly changing times when you're looking for an optional resource, call Thacker Graphics and work with the top people that consistently learn and apply all newly required regulations and efficient business practices.



Business Mission
Thacker Graphics seeks to work with customers and colleagues on a long-term basis; and earn their confidence and trust by offering an excellent product at the best possible price.



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Company History and Direction
Thacker Graphics was established in Tacoma, Washington in 1990 by Michael S. Thacker. Mr. Thacker was born and raised in Tacoma’s north end and attended local public schools and University of Puget Sound. He began his apprenticeship into the centuries old craft of printing in 1976 and has extensive experience in design, letterpress printing and offset lithography.

The dynamism of science and technology directly impacts the printing industry and makes, for printers, constant study of new trends a daily process. Making use of new technologies as well as preserving the integrity and legacy of traditional printing is the foundation for Thacker Graphics to serve the needs of the community, both with and beyond the printed word.

Note From The Founder
Given a choice, would you rather buy an apple from a vending machine or from another person? “Depends on the vending machine,” you might say. Likewise, when buying any product, would you rather interact with technology, say, the internet, or humanity? Do you prefer automated telephone systems that ask questions “like” a human? If so, then you’re not alone...yet. Think about this. Many people, through the wonder of technology, are daily choosing to buy products anonymously, and, in effect are supporting other people that they have never met and will never meet.

Who’s leading who where, and for what? Think about your power to choose. What kind of community do you want to live in? What matters?...a community of virtual vendors and anonymous consumers or a community of real-world supporters and caring citizens?

Tacoma, Washington
September 2005


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